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How does the ranking system work?

The ranking system is the heart of Sudoku Craving. Every hour your scores and ranks are calculated for your personal best on each game and then compared to other player's personal best for the same games. If you have played every game and scored in the top 10 or so, your rank will reflect your skills. If you miss a few games your rank will surely drop. This is due to the fact that other players accumulate more points by playing more games than you.

How can I increase my score and rank?

The best way is to view the Sudoku Craving archive and click on the View my ratings link. This will display all of the games that you have rated. Games that you have yet to rate will be displayed in grey. These are typically games that you have not played it. Go through the list and finish a few of these games. The next time your ranking is generated you are guaranteed to have a better score and rank.

I've played nearly every single game, how do I increase my score and rank even more?

You can return to a previous game and get a new personal best. When the ranking system generates your score and rank it will only take your personal best for each game into consideration. If you get a bad time, simply play again until you get a better time.

How do people cheat on Sudoku Craving?

Some people work out the Sudoku Craving puzzle on paper and then enter the results into the game as fast as they possibly can. This artificially inflates their time and gives them a very high accuracy level. To make Sudoku Craving a fair gaming site, we have determined that this sort behaviour is anti-competitive and not acceptable on Sudoku Craving.

What is being done to stop cheaters?

There are several cheat protection methods currently in place. These range from server side systems which check your game for inconsistencies or characteristics of cheaters to systems that check whether those numbers you placed on the gaming field were justified or whether you simply took too many 'guesses'.

Every game on Sudoku Craving is recorded. We can go back to any game and view how it was finished. If cheaters somehow manage to fool the anti-cheating systems, they won't fool the human eye.

I cheated but my score still appears - did I fool the system?

Nope, you're the one that was fooled. If you cheat on Sudoku Craving your score will still be displayed in the stats. However, nobody else will be able to see them except for you. Your rank will reflect your true score (minus any games that you have cheated on), but your stats will show the score in the table. So you won't know for certain whether your game was flagged or not, until it's too late.

I cheated and I'm sorry, what can I do now?

Sorry, but we have no tolerance for cheaters on Sudoku Craving. If you cheated then your score and rank will reflect this forever. The ranking system calculates your score based on your best times for each game. If you cheat on a game, chances are it will be your best time, and therefore it will be disqualified. The only way to truly rid you of such scores is to go back to each game that you played, and cheated on, in an attempt to get a better time.
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