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The Rules of Sudoku

Sudoku is played on a grid that is 9 squares wide and 9 squares high. The grid is also seperated into 9 sub grids which are 3 squares wide and 3 squares high, these sub grids are called "regions". Here is an example of a playing field:

Every Sudoku game begins with numbers filled out in some of the squares. The amount of numbers and ordering typically depends on the difficulty of the game. Below is an example of a typical Sudoku game:

To play Sudoku you need to fill in the empty squares. Each square can only have one number and it must be between 1 and 9. You should be able to complete each Sudoku game without guessing where each of the numbers go, as demonstrated below:

A number can only appear once in each row:


Not Allowed

A number can only appear once in each column:


Not Allowed

A number can only appear once in each region:


Not Allowed

The above rules are all combined to allow you to place a number in each of the squares without needing to guess. If you are new to Sudoku we recommend that you click here to start off with an easy game.

Sudoku Craving Rules

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You are required to read the Terms of Use and comment guidelines documentations before participating in this community.
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